As you will easily find out, we are great partners for your company. We can help you efficiently establish a company presence in Greece. Working closely with you, we help you take the right steps in contacting the Greek authorities and providing the right documents for each transaction. If your goal is to do business in Greece, it is best that you stick to your business, let us do all the necessary administrative work and contacts with local authorities.


We offer you a complete range of accounting and taxation services and we undertake your VAT compliance, we take care of your payroll as well as many other related services and works, which we carry out for you.

  • Legal assistance

    Notarisation of documents, preparation of contracts, legal advice.

  • Support in Personnel issues

    All necessary contacts with the Greek social security services. Registration of the company as an employer, preparation of monthly employment and compensation sheets, payroll, administration of tax withholding.

  • Accounting services

    Bookkeeping, preparation and publication of balance sheets, financial consulting, management of pay-ments-collections.

  • All necessary contacts

    Initial commencement of works and acquisition of a VAT number, filing of regular reports on VAT, withheld taxes and annual reports on suppliers and clients

Your guarantee is the long experience of the people of Tax Support, the absolute knowledge of our business object and the friendly and effective way of responding to your needs. We only have satisfied customers, which will be glad to give you information concerning the effective way, in which we manage their accounting matters.   You can contact us by e-mail, call us or visit us in our offices in Glyfada. You can also follow the interesting links we are offering to you, leading to sites of (not only) financial and accounting interest. We are always near you, to help you in all your taxation-related needs with a range of integrated services. Feel free to contact us with any concerns or questions.